Karkidaka Chikitsa

Panchaganga Ayurveda provides Karkidaka Chikitsa or monsoon Ayurvedic treatment intended for body-mind detoxification as well as beautification. This rejuvenates the whole body and the treatment usually takes 7, 14 , 21 days..


Experience motherhood at its best! The first three months after delivery is very important for the mother and child health. Panchaganga Ayurveda Prasavaraksha - The complete Ayurveda after delivery care is aimed to restore the health of the mother after delivery.

Healthy Ramadan- fasting the Ayurvedic way

The holy month of Ramadan, is an opportunity for Muslims to practice self-discipline, sacrifice, and compassion. Fasting is observed in this month to purge the body & soul by freeing it from contaminations. The strict regimen of eating before sunrise and after sunset brings with it severe dehydration, starvation & related health issues coupled with sleep depreciation & headaches. Healthy fasting following the principles of Ayurveda guided by Dr. Haseena with the right food, drinks and prayers makes Ramadan a month of healthy retreat.

Ayurveda & Autism

Autism is a neuro-developmental and neuropsychiatric disorder which is detected in childhood and continues into adulthood. It negatively impacts how the person processes and interprets information, their ability to focus, basic social interactions and their ability to learn. With a combination of Panchakarma therapies, herbal medicines, Yoga and diet control, the quality of life of autistic children can be improved. Panchaganga Ayurveda brings to you Autism treatments in Ayurveda.

Footcare during Summer

Summertime brings with it a whole new set of problems for your feet and hands. Tight shoes make it worse with a variety of infections — Psoriasis, blisters, fungal infections and smelly feet. With Ayurvedic massages, creams and other remedies, Panchaganga Ayurveda helps you take good care of your hands & feet during the summer. We offer Pedicure and Manicure treatments.

Bridal Body Scrub

Each bride wishes for a flawless radiant skin on her wedding day. Bridal Body Scrub is a unique treatment in Panchaganga Ayurveda where we buff away dull, dry skin with the rich and luxurious body scrub. It can go a long way towards restoring the lustre of the skin and also promotes skin hydration, clears blemishes and reduces stress

Weight management program

It is a powder massage with herbal powder.Massage is done against the direction of hairfollicles with more pressure.It is one of the most sought after Ayurvedic treatments for weight loss.This treatment melts the excess fat that is accumulated in the body.It improves the blood circulation, rejuvenates the body and improves skin texture
Diet chart
The doctors in the Panchaganga team provide a chart for weight loss, including which foods to eat
Exercise and yoga_
Aside from dieting,exercising and performing yoga are one of the most common strategies done to shed extra pounds

Takra Dhara

An Ayurvedic treatment to chill your body during the summer. Medicated takra/medicated buttermilk is poured on the patient’s forehead continuously for a specific time. It reduces stress and hypertension, Migraine, Insomnia, Premature greying of hairs and more.

Panchaganga Ayurveda Retreat Package

Discover a unique traditional ayurvedic massage.
It is a great opportunity to reconnect your body and mind whilst experiencing and adopting a great lifestyle in Kerala High lights
Three days massage, meditation and yoga
Ayurvedic facial
Ayurvedic hairpack
Vegetarian break fast, lunch and dinner
Two nights accommodation
Get advice on diet and exercise