Dr Haseena Riyas ,the woman who popularized the term 'Ayurvedic Cosmetology ' among the common people which was not used so frequently then that time to say for a '10 years ago.' She is pioneered a branch called 'Ayurveda Cosmetology ' which is now being widely practiced and has become a shelter for myraids of Ayurvedic Doctors. Dr Haseena Riyas: With the experience of treating a vast number of cases over last 12 years ,she succeeded in popularizing ayurveda among both the native people and international citizens.She has treated more than 1 lakh cases of Cosmetology so far. Dr Haseena Riyas: Another great contribution is the introduction of 'SOUNDARYA SANKALPAM' which is a course for Ayurvedic Doctors on Cosmetology. The Warrior Girl started the workshop on November 2019. By January 2021,more than 1000 Doctors across the nation and abroad participated in the courses.These courses are based on her principles , treatments and experiences .It eventually became very successful and attracted to many Doctors in Ayurveda. Soundarya Sankalpam courses have been divided into many versions.

  • Basic 1_ Foundation of Ayurveda and Cosmetology
  • Basic 2 _ cosmetology Products Making
  • Basic 3_Advanced Ayurvedic cosmetology Products Making
  • Basic 4_ Mastery Ayurvedic cosmetology Products Making.
  • Basic 5_ Advanced Aesthetic Cosmetology
  • Basic 6_ Advanced Aesthetic Trichology.
  • Basic 7_ Obesity and Product Making.
  • Basic 8_Psoriasis and Product Making
  • Doctors Review